Comitato di gestione 2023




The Orchestra UNIMI has for more than 20 years been carrying out a project that began as a training path for young student musicians, and over time has turned into an artistic-professional reality by offering free music programming to the large extended community that embraces our University and our City: a concrete action aimed at our territory. But if you can and if you wish, with your help we can offer our community even more music! Become a Friend of the Orchestra UNIMI and with your support we will be able to do more symphony concerts, more chamber concerts, more meetings, more initiatives aimed at fragile people, involve more children and young people in our open rehearsals and establish more collaborations with other realities in a constant artistic growth.

Natural person: a donor-physical person can bring donations made to the UNIMI Foundation (institution that runs the Orchestra) as a decrease in total income without any limit.
The reason for the transfer must state “liberal disbursement ex art. 10 paragraph 1 letter l-quater), Tuir in favor of the UNIMI Orchestra”

Business: we are looking for companies that, in a philanthropic spirit, espouse our project and, by becoming our partners, help us to realize an extraordinary 2024 “Centennial” Concert Season. Liberal disbursements made by the donor-business (exercised both individually and collectively) are granted full deductibility within 2% of declared business income.
The reason for the transfer must state “liberal disbursement ex art. 100, paragraph 2, letter g), TUIR, in favor of the UNIMI Orchestra.”

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