Orquesta Barroca Antiqva Metropoli

Antiqva Metropoli is an ensemble of variable length dedicated to the performance and informed dissemination of the music of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Composed by young performers with training in Mexico and abroad, Antiqva Metropoli meets with a common passion: baroque music. One of its main objectives is to make known both the representative and the least known repertoire of the European Baroque, as well as music of the Viceroyalty period of Mexico, which is found in the most important cathedrals of the country.

The ensemble aims to rescue and disseminate these repertoires within the interpretative aspect known as “historically informed”, a trend that emerged in Europe several decades ago and that increasingly generates more interest in Mexico, as it uses replicas of instruments of that time as it was composed for them, as well as its style and specific character.