10 May: Extraordinary Concert

Concert for the Milanese: a tribute to those who with philanthropic spirit and civic passion supported the growth of our city.
Remembering Rocco Filippini, GianMario Maggi, Antonietta Romano Bramo (the partisan ‘Fiamma’), Luigia (Tilde) and Giovanni (Giannino) Tenconi and Giuseppina (Nina) Vinchi Grassi

The project for an extraordinary concert is curated by the Giovanni Testori Prize Committee and stems from the desire to recall that attention to Milan and to that feeling of charity that the Milanesi claim, as Testori wrote, is so much a part of the Lombard writer’s inspiration.
On 10 May 2022, at the Church of San Marco in Milan, in collaboration with the Orchestra of the University of Milan, an extraordinary concert will be dedicated to some of our fellow citizens who in the course of their lives, with philanthropic spirit and civic passion, have supported the development of culture, medicine and social development in our city.
The concert, introduced by Andrea Kerbaker, will host pianist Bruno Canino, violinist Alessandra Sonia Romano, and conductor Clara Baget, who has particularly distinguished herself among the new generation of young French conductors. On the programme are two masterpieces by Beethoven: the Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major Op. 15 and the Violin Concerto in D major Op. 61.
The concert is ALL SOLD OUT, reservations can no longer be made online or by phone.